Firefly Yoga’s History:
Let Your Inner Light Shine

Growing up in a home where children should be “seen and not heard”, I learned from an early age to not let my inner light shine. A good girl is always kind and never has an opinion of her own. A good girl spends all her energy on others and not selfishly for herself. As I grew up, I felt stifled, afraid, lonely and worried constantly about what others thought of me. It was debilitating.

Fast forward into adulthood through college, career, marriage, and then I finally found yoga. It saved my life and my sanity! No longer did I have to hold in the real me. No longer did I have to unconsciously pretend to be someone based on what I thought others expected of me. I was finally free! Yoga gave me the avenue I needed to cope with everyday struggles and to learn to be myself. I liked me for the first time! I liked the real me. I learned to be ok shining! And by shining, I allowed others to do the same.

"And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same". --Nelson Mandela

For years, I tried to please others and do what I thought they wanted only to find out that I was way off on what they expected. It was a no-win situation. I had to change. I needed to step into my power and allow my true authentic self out. By letting my inner light shine, I have found freedom and peace of mind. My wish for you is that you find true happiness through acceptance of yourself, others and where you are in your journey through this life. It’s time to Let Your Inner Light Shine! If not now, when?